January 12, 2024

INSP Sets Premiere Date for Latest Season of INTO THE WILD FRONTIER


INSP Sets Premiere Date for Latest Season of INTO THE WILD FRONTIER

The Fourth Season Bows Sunday, March 24th at 6PM ET


INSP, the recognized leader in Western and Western-adjacent programming, announced today the season 4 premiere date of its popular historical docudrama, INTO THE WILD FRONTIER. New episodes begin airing Sunday, March 24th, 2024 at 6PM ET.


As America expands westward, intrepid explorers and rugged mountain men risk their lives to blaze new trails into the wild frontier. The promise of new lands teeming with game and other riches is an irresistible pull for fearless men such as Jim Beckwourth, Joe Meek, and John Coffee Hays. But danger surrounds the hunters, trappers, and traders that lead the way into the unknown frontier. As they push deeper into the wilderness, crossing impenetrable forests, vast mountain ranges, and unforgiving deserts, they face starvation, deadly weather, ferocious predators, and hostile Native Americans. But their descriptions of the natural wonders found on America’s frontier encourage a tide of settlers to head west, and their epic tales of adventure and survival become the stuff of myths and legends.

Season 4 of INTO THE WILD FRONTIER is comprised of seven episodes and debuts on Sunday, March 24th at 6PM ET on INSP.  The notable frontiersmen below are featured in the 4th season.

Joe Meek: A Fearless Fighter

Already a seasoned mountain man, Joe Meek has a reputation for raw courage and bravery among the trappers of the west. But Meek becomes a frontier legend when he risks his life in a fearless charge to save the woman that he loves from Crow warriors.

Jim Beckwourth: The Long Ride

After a life of adventure as a trapper and trader in the west, frontiersman Jim Beckwourth becomes an Army dispatch rider. While carrying messages down the Santa Fe Trail, Beckwourth and a young companion face a showdown with the Pawnee.

Jim Baker: A Born Leader

Heading west as a young adventurer, greenhorn Jim Baker quickly develops a reputation as a skilled marksman and mountain man. When a party of trappers is surrounded and attacked by Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors, Baker proves that he is also a leader.

Lucien Maxwell: Legend of New Mexico

Having explored the frontier with his good friend Kit Carson, Lucien Maxwell is eager to settle down with his family. But before he can establish a ranching empire in New Mexico, Maxwell must first survive a deadly clash with the Jicarilla Apache.

Bull Hamilton: The Last Mountain Man

Coming of age on the frontier, young Bill Hamilton joins Old Bill Williams on an epic adventure during the final days of the fur trade. The last true mountain man, Hamilton’s courage is tested when he faces an epic showdown with Bannock warriors.

John Coffee Hays: A Texas Legend

A Tennessee native, John Coffee Hays heads to the frontier of Texas in the 1830s and signs on as an early member of the Texas Rangers. In 1844, Hays becomes a legend when he leads a small band of rangers in a desperate fight with the Comanche.

John Mullan: Roadbuilder of the West

Young Army officer John Mullan heads west to help establish an important wagon route through the Northern Rockies. But, before he can build his road, Mullan must survive the hardships of the frontier and a dangerous encounter with Yakima warriors.


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