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The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger


As a fur trapper, legendary mountain man Jim Bridger explored the entire distant West and survived countless hair-raising adventures. Now, he's a respected trail guide and army scout who knows every river, mountain, and trail of the frontier. As a new generation of settlers, soldiers, and speculators crowd the Bozeman Trail, Bridger's hard-won wisdom is more valuable than ever, even if his famous tall tales sound more like fiction than fact. But the West is still a perilous place, and with danger just around every bend, the greenhorns heading west quickly realize they need Bridger's guidance for much more than the trail.

Freedom on the Range


INSP and Al Roker Entertainment take a powerful look into African Americans' cultural significance in the Old West. From brave lawmen to rugged cowboys, discover the untold stories of five legendary men who ventured into the uncharted frontier, only to experience a new sense of freedom that allowed them to transcend racial barriers. Celebrate the names that the history books left out-the trailblazing Black cowboys who made a lasting impact on America and continue to inspire a whole new generation of cowboys.

Christmas in the Rockies


After her father is hurt in a logging accident, Katie Jolly must pass up on her dream of joining a prestigious law firm in New York City to remain at home, in the Rockies, to help her father make a speedy recovery. However, when Katie discovers her father's business is in jeopardy and this will be the first Christmas without a Jolly family member competing in the Homewood Lumberjack Competition, she finds a way to solve both problems. To honor her family and win the prize money to save her father's company, she enlists her best friend and her grandfather to train her for the lumberjack competition. After meeting Harrison Brock, the EMT who saved her father's life, a romance sparks just in time for Christmas, and Katie discovers that her hometown roots and inner abilities may be stronger than she first believed.